About Our Company

Inter Continental Tobacco Fze

Inter Continental Tobacco Fze. offers you an exceptional variety of fine tobacco products, which meet world-class standards of quality and consistency.

From the selection of tobacco to the manufacturing of the end product, Inter Continental Tobacco Fze guarantees its clientele superior smoking pleasure.

Years of experience in international markets have led to the development of our range of products that are setting new standards within the tobacco industry.

In the agile and resolute concours of the business world, Inter Continental Tobacco Fze has impressed to become one of the big names in the Tobacco Industry!! With the Corporate headquarters in Dubai, Inter Continental Tobacco Fze has swept the globe and spread its operations across the globe to America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South Asia. Years of experience in International Markets have led to the development of our range of products that have taken the Tobacco Industry to a completely new level.

Company History

During the hot Dubai summer of 2003, three gentlemen visited the United Arab Emirates, with an idea of establishing a cigarette manufacturing plant. This idea was born almost a year before, when two of the partners decided that it would be to their advantage to have their own cigarette manufacturing plant, as it became increasingly difficult to find a contract manufacturer, who would manufacture the type and quality of packs that they were supplying to their clients.

During November 2003 the first machines arrived and the installation started. Staff were recruited and scheduled to start in January 2004, as the installation of machinery and all other preparations would be completed. Training would then be given as most of the staff had never seen a cigarette manufacturing process before.

The first Full Flavour Director cigarettes of commercial value, which was packed in a soft pack format, were produced on the 8th February 2004.

The first container of cigarettes for export was shipped on the 9th March 2004 to Maputo, Mozambique.

Also at this time a contract was signed for the building of the new factory. Towards the end of 2006 the existing equipment will be relocated and installed in the new factory and production is scheduled to start before December 2006. This will enable us to treble the present 0.5 billion cigarettes per year, production capacity and the possibility of further expansion could then be handled with ease, as the possible capacity foreseen is 3 billion cigarettes per year.

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